How to Make Your Vacation More Eco-friendly

Carla Feltham 24/09/2017

The thing we are all looking forward to is our next vacation. Being on a holiday is the best way to relax and recharge. But while you are travelling to some sun-soaked destination in first-class or skiing high in the mountains, you are doing more than just enjoying yourself and the time you are having. You are also polluting the environment. Unfortunately, when we are on a vacation, we tend to become wasteful. Also, no matter what mode of transport you choose to use, you will produce CO2 emissions. Don’t worry – this does not mean that you should give up on your annual vacation. You can just make your next holiday experience greener by changing the way you travel, pack and behave.

Avoid aeroplanes

AirplaneTravelling by plane is fast and convenient but if you are trying to live in a more sustainable and ecologically harmless way, you should avoid flying. Out of all forms of passenger transport, aircrafts produce the highest amount of CO2 emissions. Carbon dioxide causes great and often irreversible damage to our planet. For instance, it increases the acidity of water and it also causes the so-called greenhouse effect which, by the way, leads to global warming.

Aeroplanes as a threat to the environment – the numbers:

  • 781 million tonnes CO2 emissions were produced by aeroplanes in 2015 alone
  • 12% of all CO2 emissions in the world are produced from the aviation industry
  • 5 billion barrels is the amount of fuel which the global aviation industry uses for just one year
  • 57 billion is the average combined number of passengers who are served by airlines annually
  • 15% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the United Kingdom come from the aviation industry

What are the alternatives


Aeroplanes are the least eco-friendly mode of passenger transport. Therefore, no matter what other alternative way you choose to travel with, you will do the environment a big favour. Trains are the greenest option that you have but they are not the most convenient one. Plus, in some countries, like in the UK, long-distance train trips can be pricey. The comfort offered by trains is quite similar to that in buses. The latter does produce nearly 5 times more CO2 emissions but it is the second most environmentally-friendly mode of transport on which you can rely to get to your next holiday destination.

You might think that using a rental car during your vacation is the opposite of preserving the nature but you may be surprised to hear that in some cases hiring a vehicle can be a very green solution. Renting a car is one of the most convenient ways to travel when you are on a vacation because it will allow you freely explore the place you are visiting and follow a schedule and an itinerary of your own. The best thing about using a rented vehicle when vacationing is that you will have the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of a ride of your choice. If you choose a reliable car hire supplier you will have the opportunity not only to get a cheap vehicle rental but to also pick from a large fleet of fully-serviced and insured automobiles, among which will also be eco-friendly automobile options like hybrid and small car rentals. One sure way to find a trustworthy and environmentally-friendly vehicle rental supplier is by going with a business that is properly registered, highly experienced and well established on the global market. If you rely on WhizzGO car rentals, for example, you will enjoy competitively priced vehicle hire services, a massive selection of pick-up locations and access to various models of economy car rentals. This is due to the fact that the company has some of the biggest and most renowned global brands in the industry as partners.

Mode of transport CO2 emissions (g/p km)
Aircraft 285
Inland ship 245
Large petrol car Up to 158
Large diesel car Up to 138
Medium petrol car Up to 123
Small diesel car Up to 104
Small petrol car Up to 103
A two-wheeler 72
Bus 68
Train 14

Choose the type of vacation wisely

The more remote your holiday destination is the more likely you are to travel by plane. So, if you don’t want to pollute the planet, vacation closer to your home country. Also, find a green accommodation. There are many resorts which are both luxurious and completely sustainable. Staying in one of them will allow you to have the holiday of your dreams without having to feel guilty about harming the environment. Over the last five years, eco-friendly holiday packages have become a popular trend among many tourists. Contact your travel agent and they will connect you with environmentally-conscious tour companies or book you a fancy room at the nearest green resort.

Pack green

Travel bagWhen packing for your holiday, take only the most necessary items. There is no point in dragging 10 different pairs of shoes with you if you only plan to be gone for five days. In addition, don’t use plastic bags. It will take them ages to decompose. No, that is not an overstatement. Plastic items can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade.

Be a responsible tourist

Last, but not least, be a responsible vacationer. Being on a holiday is all about letting your hair down and doing things you normally wouldn’t like eating too much pasta, drinking too much tequila or spending too much money on weird souvenirs. Wherever and however you decide to spend your next vacation, don’t be wasteful and reckless towards the environment. Don’t litter the places you visit – preserve them. In that way, you will show that you value their beauty. Also, don’t use too much electricity. You don’t really need to pack all of your smart devices and you don’t need to leave the TV in your hotel room constantly on. And why don’t you try using public transport? This strategy will allow you to save money, mix with the crowds and get a glimpse of how locals live. Most of all, however, you will make your vacation greener.

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